The Silver Bridge

We will be releasing the debut edition of The Silver Bridge: Journal of Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction by New Writers of the Cowichan Valley summer of 2017. 

We will be accepting submissions for The Silver Bridge: Journal of Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction by new writers of the Cowichan Valley starting March 1st and ending April 30th, 2017.  DO NOT SEND SUBMISSIONS BEFORE MARCH 1st OR AFTER APRIL 30th. Please read the criteria below.  It will improve your chances of being published with us if you follow the criteria.

  1. We only accept submissions by email (  The subject line should read “Query – The Silver Bridge – (# of submissions)”.  In addition to your submission, please include a brief bio (including any publishing history you may have) in case we select your piece for inclusion.  We do accept multiple submissions, however, please, no more than 2 in one email.  We will send a confirmation email of receipt within 2 weeks.  If you haven’t heard from us, please email again to make sure your submission did not disappear into cyberspace.
  2. We accept drabbles, flash fiction, microfiction, nanofiction, Six-Word stories, twitterfic, short stories, and creative non-fiction (1000-2500 words).  These are the only categories we accept.  We DO NOT accept poetry. Please to not submit it – we will not read it.  Forewarned is forearmed.
  3. The Silver Bridge is for new writers of the Cowichan Valley. To meet these criteria, you must currently live in the Cowichan Valley (from the Malahat north up to, and including, Ladysmith). To be considered a new writer, you must have fewer than five works of flash fiction, short fiction, and creative non-fiction published in print. You must not have published a complete work of fiction or creative non-fiction either in print or as an ebook. A complete work includes novels, novellas, collections of flash or short fiction or book-length works of creative non-fiction.  For our purposes, we will consider book length as greater than 20,000 words.
  4. We are looking for stories that captivate us from the first line to the last.  We want strong characters that we care about.  If you have not read Donald Maass’ Writing 21st Century Fiction, you should.  It will help.  So will Stephen King’s On Writing.
  5. For our debut edition, we will not have a theme, but subsequently, we will ask for stories that follow a particular theme.
  6. You will hear from us by May 31st whether your story has been accepted for inclusion or not.                                                                                                    


Unfortunately, we are a very small and new publishing house so at this time we cannot offer payment for your stories if they are included in The Silver Bridge. If this is a problem for you, we apologise and suggest that you may want to submit your work elsewhere.

All decisions by Island2Island Press are final.

Good luck!